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Head Office is in Mumbai & Resident Representatives / Field Sales Engineers at Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Bangalore & Kolkata.


A L M is a leading stockist of Dwyer® products in South Asia. We are also Distributor for GE Measurement & Control, Aerosense Products and Setra Systems, Inc. USA


We have dealers in various strategic locations of India in New Delhi & Chandigarh in North India, Ahmadabad & Vadodara in the neighbouring state of Gujarat, Bangalore, Hyderabad & Coimbatore in South India, Bhopal & Indore in Central India.

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A L M, A CRISIL Rated Company headed by Sarfraz Panjwani, a qualified mechanical engineer from Mumbai. We have a core team of dedicated professionals who are qualified and experts in their respective fields.

A L M is mainly into instrumentation products related to sensing, measure and control of pressure including differential pressure, humidity, temperature, Indoor Air Quality including CO & CO2, flow, occupancy (motion), smoke and level for normal as well as hazardous area. Our business mainly consists of Analog & Digital Instruments finding applications for HVAC / BAS / EMS / Textile & Industrial Automation. We market these products not only in India but South Asian Nations and beyond. Our products are catered to various industries including HVAC, Building Automation & Green Building, Clean-Room, Pharmaceutical, Oil & Gas, Semiconductor, Chemical, Electronics, Power Plants, Nuclear Plants, Pollution Control, Bulk & Powder handling, Steel plants, etc.

We have various Process Control Instruments suitable for indication and control of process parameters like Pressure, Differential Pressure, Temperature, Flow, Velocity, Level, Conductivity, Moisture, Density and Vibration. By utilizing our own experiences and the knowledge about the various applications, we can offer various combinations of instruments to match the client’s needs.

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” I would like to put on record my appreciation of the service you provide. Your prompt delivery/collection service is very useful as it minimizes equipment downtime. I have always found the work carried out to be of the highest quality. The calibration paperwork received is always clear and concise. In short it has made our compliance with quality standards easier. I would recommend your calibration service to anyone.”
“ PERFECT is the most suitable word to describe their service “

“I did the Right Choice ,cost effective,Great Service”

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