Series EPTA Electro-pneumatic Transducer
March 28, 2020
Series 2700 & 2800 Current to Pressure Transducer
March 28, 2020

Series 2900 Current to Pressure Transducer

Product Application

  • Controlling valve actuators, pneumatic valve positioners, air cylinders, clutches, brakes, dampers, louvers and pumps

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The Series 2900 Current to Pressure Transducer delivers reliable high performance for the toughest applications in the most hazardous environments. Its NEMA 4X housing is designed and FM and CSA approved for both intrinsically safe and explosion-proof operation. This unit has advanced circuitry which includes electronic feedback control for superior vibration protection and highly accurate output. The 2900 is not position sensitive and the easily accessible zero and span adjustment make field calibration quick and easy. For ease of installation, this model has input and output ports on both the front and back. It is also not vibration sensitive, which makes the 2900 ideal for field mounting on a valve. These features coupled with the unit’s compact size help make set-up and installation simple.