Series CXA Water Pump Pressure Switch
March 25, 2020
Series CS & CD Diaphragm Pressure Switch
March 25, 2020

Series CX Compressor Pressure Switch

The Series CX Compressor Pressure Switches are designed with a 20 amp normally closed SPST switch for direct control of pumps and motors. The set point and deadband are both easily adjustable via screw terminals inside the cover. For ease of installation, the switches come with a 1/4″ female NPT process connection or the optional 4-port connection block on the CX-4 models. Besides making installation easier, one of the other ports can be used to install a pressure gage. Plus, these switches can be mounted in any orientation.

These units are perfect for regulating tank pressure on small air compressors. The CX series switches come with an unloader valve, which prevents compressors from starting under load. They also come with an auto/off disconnect lever for manually cutting off the load. When the lever is in the off position, there is a test button inside the housing that can be pushed to turn on the load.