Series SA1100 Diaphragm Operated Pressure Switch
March 24, 2020
Series 1000W Weatherproof Diaphragm Operated Pressure Switch
March 24, 2020

Series DA/DS Bourdon Tube Pressure Switch

Product Application

  • Compressors
  • Mechanical HVAC or process equipment
  • Pump control

Customers tell us that this is the best pressure switch made. The Mercoid D Series is one of the world’s broadest lines of pressure switches. Whatever your application might be, it is most probable it can be fully satisfied with a D Series pressure switch.

The D Series has extremely high sensitivity and great repeatability. The DA Models are equipped with two external adjustments, one for setting high pressure operating point, the other for setting low pressure operating point. Deadband, the difference between high and low set points, is adjustable over the full scale. The DS Models are equipped with a single external adjustment for setting operating point only. The deadband is fixed at a factory setting and cannot be altered in the field. For switches choose between the snap action switch, hermetically sealed snap action switch and hermetically sealed mercury switch.