Model TLVT1 Digital Touch Screen Programmable Thermostat with Heat Pump Control
March 23, 2020
Series DA-7035N Temperature Switch
March 23, 2020

Series DFS2 Low Limit Freeze Protection Switch

Product Applications:

  • HVAC equipment
  • Heat exchangers and cooling coils

The Series DFS2 Low Limit Freeze Protection Switch protects cooling coils in air handler systems by preventing frost build up. The thermostat and its capillary sensing element provide an antifreeze function by sensing the lowest temperature along any one foot section of capillary. The DPDT manual or automatic reset relays signal the building management system as well as cut off the fan. The Series DFS2 will detect temperature drops below the fixed safety value (set point) which can be set as low as 34°F (1°C) utilizing the visual set point indicator and set point screw.