Series PLS2 Paddle Level Switch
March 22, 2020
Series LTC2 Tilt Switch Control Unit
March 22, 2020

Series LTS Tilt Switch Probe

Product Applications:

  • Large hoppers
  • Silos
  • Crushers
  • Trippers
  • Stackers
  • Conveyors

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The Series LTS Tilt Switch probes are able to sense either the presence or absence of material when other sensors won’t work due to bin vibration, or actual walls aren’t available for mounting other types of measuring units. The probes are designed for use where the bulk material to be sensed is exposed or open. Typical applications include high or low level detection in large hoppers, silos, crushers, or trippers, high level control under stackers, and detection of plugged conditions at conveyor transfer points. Series LTS probes can also be used to detect the presence or absence of bulk material on belt conveyors, on chutes to indicate product flow, and to aid in loading rail cars or trucks.

All probe models are airtight, dust tight, and waterproof. The compact probe should be used for applications involving small bins and hoppers where space is limited, while the heavy duty probe should be used for applications where a heavy duty abrasion-resistant probe is necessary.

Series LTS Tilt Switch Probe
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