Series SN NAMUR Mount Solenoid Valve
March 28, 2020
Series VB Volume Booster
March 28, 2020

Series PV Solenoid Pilot Valve

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The Series PV three-way normally closed electro-pneumatic solenoid pilot valve can be direct mounted to operate the Series SAV Angle Seat Valve actuators. When the solenoid valve receives the electric input signal, it switches the pneumatic supply pressure to the actuator, which moves the valve from the closed to open position, or reversely for normally open valves. When the input to the solenoid valve stops, the pneumatic supply pressure is again blocked, and the valve returns to the normal position. Suitable for use with air or other inert gases, the valve is supplied with a DIN connector, and is fitted with a manual override. Water can also be used as a pilot media provided that a suitable drain line is attached to the exhaust outlet. Select the proper model according to the SAV valve actuator diameter and power requirements.