Series 40T/40M Digital Temperature Switch
March 23, 2020
Series TS3 Digital Temperature Switch
March 23, 2020

Series TCS Thermocouple Temperature Switch

Product Applications:

  • Industrial chillers
  • Environmental chambers
  • Walk-ins and freezers
  • Heat sealers
  • Sterlizers
  • Beer and wine chillers
  • Mug frosters
  • Coolers
  • Display cases and cabinets
  • Warmers
  • Meat and produce storage
  • Floral preservation
  • Refrigerated transportation
  • Laboratories
  • Food service equipment
  • Ovens and dryers
  • Tobacco preservation
  • Hot melt glue stitchers for case erectors
  • Tool rooms
  • Burn-in rooms and chambers
  • Cold water citrus packing
  • Industrial process control

The SERIES TCS Thermocouple Switch. The Series TCS offers a wide temperature range, two selectable alarm set, and an internal buzzer indicating alarm condition or error. The user can define set point, heating/cooling regulation, cycle time, alarm configuration, load status, and ambient probe adjustment. The thermocouple switch features password protection and error/alarm messaging. Temperature and output status is indicated on the bright red LED display. Use the configuration key (sold separately) to quickly program multiple units. The Series TCS includes a fitting clip for panel mounting, gasket, rear terminal cover and instruction manual.