Series WD2 Water Leak Detector
March 21, 2020
Series L4 FLOTECT® Float Switch
March 22, 2020

Model WD Water Detector and Sensor Tape

Product Applications:

  • Water detection in drip pans under HVAC equipment
  • Leak detection around pumps
  • Computer rooms
  • Telecommunication facilities

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The small and discreet Model WD Water Detector is designed for dependable detection of low levels of conductive liquids. The module features a sturdy and reliable aluminum enclosure and is powered by 24 VAC or 24 to 30 VDC. Water sensing tape attaches to module and if any liquid comes in contact with the tape the resistance is changed and the alarm will be triggered. The tape is hydrophobic so it does not absorb any of the liquid it is detecting which makes for a faster drying time and faster return to service after a water leak.

The sensing tape is 1″ wide and can be bought in lengths of 5, 10, 15 and 25 feet. Multiple tapes can be connected together to extend the coverage area which makes it ideal for domestic as well as commercial applications. Typical uses include computer rooms, telecommunication facilities, in drip pans under HVAC equipment and around water pumps.

Model WD Water Detector and Sensor Tape
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