Series 1800 Low Differential Pressure Switch for General Industrial Service
March 19, 2020
Series 1900 Compact Low Differential Pressure Switches
March 19, 2020

Series AT21823 ATEX Approved 1823 Differential Pressure Switch

Product Applications:

  • Hazardous area pressure switch
  • Process applications
  • Mechanical equipment control

Essential for industrial environments, the ATEX approved Series AT21823 combines small size with 2% repeatability. Set point adjustment inside the switch allows for set point settings across 9 ranges from the low of .07 in w.c. to a maximum 85 in w.c. differential pressure. Series AT21823 flame-proof ATEX enclosures are available in aluminum and are ideal for low pressure hazardous area applications. Various housing options such as an overpressure relief valve or external setpoint adjustment knob are available. External setpoint knob allows adjustment without opening the enclosure.

Important notes for installation:

  • Cables must be fitted through 1/2″ NPT cable gland or ATEX conduit (not supplied with instrument).
  • Make sure after cabling to close tight cover and cable gland, in order to keep IP66 rating (IP65 with option OPV, overpressure relief valve).
  • Open cover only after de-energizing instrument.
  • Attention: Check local safety rules and warnings on unit and manual for a correct use of the instrument in hazardous area.
Series AT21823 ATEX Approved 1823 Differential Pressure Switch
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