Series TE-A Averaging Temperature Sensors
March 23, 2020
Series O-4 Outside Air Temperature Sensor
March 23, 2020

Series AVG Averaging Temperature Sensor

Product Applications:

  • Building Automation
  • Air handling equipment monitoring
  • Large air duct temperature monitoring

The Series AVG Averaging Temperature Sensor can be used to measure the average temperature up stream of the cooling coils in an air handler. The coiled sensor unwinds to a length of 12′ or 24′ to take an average temperature reading across a large space. The housing has multiple knockouts to reduce the time to install conduit. The Series CC1 mounting brackets can be used to secure the capillary to the wall of the air handler without kinking. The Series AVG can be ordered with a choice of 11 output options that allow it to communicate to any standard building control system.