Series LFMA & LFMB Polycarbonate Flowmeter
March 24, 2020
Series VA Variable Area Glass Flowmeter
March 24, 2020

Series DR Direct Reading Glass Flowmeter

Product Applications:

  • Film processing
  • Paper manufacturing
  • Chemical processing
  • Semiconductor industry
  • Water and air pollution analysis equipment
  • Metals processing
  • Industrial fuel and energy conservation
  • Cylinder gas metering
  • General laboratory and industrial applications

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The Series DR Direct Read Variable Area Glass Flowmeters are ideal for the direct flow measurement of air, water, and other commonly used gases. These flowmeters are designed with direct read scales with no need for correlation charts. They feature borosilicate glass tubes in 150 mm or 65 mm scales with aluminum and SS metering valve options.

Flowmeters are shipped completely assembled and include standard panel mounting hardware for quick installation.

Series DR Direct Reading Glass Flowmeter
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