Series RM Rate-Master® Flowmeter
March 24, 2020
Series VFC & VFCII Visi-Float® Flowmeter
March 24, 2020

Series VFA & VFB Visi-Float® Flowmeter

Product Applications:

  • Medical equipment
  • Air samplers
  • Gas analyzers
  • Pollution monitors
  • Chemical injectors
  • Cabinet purging

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The Series VF Visi-Float® Flowmeters are a line of direct reading, precision machined, clear acrylic body flowmeters suitable for both gas and liquid applications. The fabrication of the Visi-Float® flowmeters is backed by over 60 years of experience in acrylic instrument machining. This Series consists of 2″ (51 mm) and 4″ (102 mm) scales with optional precision metering valves.