Series EP1000 Electro-pneumatic Controller
March 28, 2020
Series 165 PRECISOR® II Pneumatic and Electro-Pneumatic Positioner
March 28, 2020

Model 4V-3 1/4 DIN Valve Controller

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The Series 4V 1/4 DIN Controller displays and controls the current position of a valve or damper by accepting in a signal from a position indicator such as our QV series. The controls can be programmed for ON/OFF, PID, ramp and soak, auto-tuning or manual tuning control methods. For greater design flexibility, the Series 4V accepts thermocouple, RTD, current or voltage inputs. An auto/manual key is located on the front panel in order to toggle between manual operation and automatic operation.

The RS-485 serial communications can work with either ASCII or Modbus® RTU protocol. During normal operation, the controller will display the present value (PV), set point value (SV) and the current valve position (%). The Series 4V is equipped with two programmable alarm set points.