Series 861H Hazardous Rated Solid State Relays
March 26, 2020
Series 782 DPDT Ice Cube Relays
March 26, 2020

Series 781 SPDT Ice Cube Relays

Product Application

  • Refrigeration compressor systems
  • HVAC motor controls
  • Water/wastewater pump control

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The Series 781 Electromechanical Ice Cube Relay is a full-featured SPDT relay that can be used to handle loads up to 20 amps for AC or DC circuits. It features a flag status indicator and a LED status lamp to let the user know when the relay is activated. In order to differentiate between AC and DC actuated models, the push-to-test button is color-coded. For testing the operation, a removable lock-down lever holds the test button in place. The clear plastic housing gives a view of the contacts, and there is a removable I.D. tag for labeling the circuit.