Series MGO Gear Operator
March 28, 2020
Series ABFV Automated Butterfly Valve
March 28, 2020

Series BFV Butterfly Valve

Product Applications

  • Perfect for on-off or throttling service
  • Ideal for shut-off of water in chillers, cooling towers, and thermal storage systemsAir dampers
  • Irrigation systems
  • Tank trucksSewage systems, waste water treatment

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The most critical aspect of the Series BFV Butterfly Valves is the cartridge seat design, which alleviates installation problems associated with common “dove tail design” seats. Valve torque is lower and more consistent because the seat dynamics do not rely on being mated between two flanges. Precision machining of the disc and body allow the cartridge design to maintain a tighter disc to seat tolerance, providing a perfect low torque seal each and every time the valve is cycled. Seat to disc seal is independent of flange support and capable of full rated dead end service. Select from wafer or lug patterns with either a 10-position locking handle lever or manual gear operator. Standard valves provide bubble tight sealing to 225 psi (15.5 bar) and are designed to comply with MSS-SP-67 and API-609.

Series BFV Butterfly Valve
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