Series SFI-100T Sight Flow Indicator-Transmitter
March 25, 2020
Series MFS Magnetic Inductive Flow Sensor
March 25, 2020

Series DPW Digital Paddlewheel

Product Applications:

  • Liquid monitoring
  • Chemical proportioning or batching
  • Laboratory equipment

The SERIES DPW Digital Paddlewheel is an economical choice for applications where liquid flow measurement is desired. This Series offers two programmable totalizers via the optional LCD and RS-232/RS-485 interface, two optically isolated flow pulse outputs, and selectable 0 to 5 VDC or 4 to 20 mA flow outputs (optional temperature).


  • Jewel bearings allow for smooth rotation with minimal wear and low flow monitoring capability
  • Rugged, chemical resistant PVDF lower block material ensures high reliability and longevity for use in harsh environments
  • User-friendly interface allows for easy manipulation of the paddlewheel’s many different programmable features including high/low flow (optional temperature alarms), totalizer and flow pulse outputs
  • Supports up to 29 engineering units, including user defined ones, making it suitable for a variety of applications
  • Flow meter parameters and functions can be programmed remotely via the RS-232/ RS-485 interface or locally via optional LCD/keypad
  • Optional temperature measurement with RTD option is ideal for energy monitoring
Series DPW Digital Paddlewheel
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