Series DPW Digital Paddlewheel
March 25, 2020
Series RHP-W Wall Mount Humidity/Temperature/Dew Point Transmitter
March 25, 2020

Series MFS Magnetic Inductive Flow Sensor

Product Applications:

  • Contaminated liquid flow monitoring
  • Flow of conductive liquids
  • Water & wastewater treatment
  • Industrial systems
  • Irrigation applications

The Series MFS Magnetic Inductive Flow Sensor is a compact, low cost alternative to paddle wheel sensors. Unlike sensors with moving parts, the MFS can be applied in applications dealing with contaminated media. This series provides a reliable measuring technique, an obstruction free pipe cross-section, as well as a quick response time, making this series ideal for interference free operation. Any change in temperature, density, viscosity, concentration or electrical conductivity of the liquid, does not affect the output signal of this Magnetic Inductive Flow Sensor. This, in addition to its long-life cycle, makes this series perfect for accurate reversible gauging of volume flow of conductive liquids in closed piping.

Principles of Operation
The measuring pipe is in a magnetic field. If an electrically conductive medium with a certain flow passes through the pipe, it passes at a right-angle to the magnetic field, creating a voltage which is proportional to the average flow velocity and picked up by two electrodes within the MFS. A frequency output signal is obtained that is proportional to the flow (analog output option available).

Series MFS Magnetic Inductive Flow Sensor
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