Series L4 FLOTECT® Float Switch
March 22, 2020
Series L8 FLOTECT® Liquid Level Switch
March 22, 2020

Series L6 FLOTECT® Liquid Level Switch

Product Applications:

  • Direct pump control for maintaining level
  • Automatic tank dump operations
  • Level control
  • Valve control
  • Level alarm in sumps, scrubber systems, hydro-pneumatic tanks, boilers, and water/ wastewater treatment processes

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Surprisingly compact, the Series L6 Flotect® Level Switch is designed and built for years of trouble-free service in a wide variety of process liquid level applications. Operation is simple and dependable with no mechanical linkage as the level switch is magnetically actuated. The float lever pivoted within the body moves when the process liquid displaces the float. A magnet on the opposite end of the float lever controls a second magnet on the switch actuating lever located in the switch housing.

Series L6 FLOTECT® Liquid Level Switch
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