Series TS3 Digital Temperature Switch
March 23, 2020
Series TS2 Digital Temperature Switch
March 23, 2020

Series TSX3 Digital Refrigeration Temperature Switch

Product Applications:

  • Refrigerators

The Series TSX3 Digital Temperature Switch was designed to control the compressor, fan, and defrost in refrigeration applications. This generation of controls has field selectable engineering units and temperature probe types in order to reduce the combination of parts that need to be stocked. A built-in real time clock is used for HACCP logging of temperature alarms caused by temperatures out of their set limits or loss of power. The Intelligent Defrost parameters manage the defrost cycle in order to save energy cost. The digital input can be used to remotely trigger a defrost cycle, monitor cooler door status, or act as an external alarm. For programming multiple units, the model TS2-K configuration key can be used to quickly download parameter settings.